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688 Kennedy/Kennedy
Lot No Type Description Price
N84388 ND LIBERIA (1963) J.F. Kennedy. Imperforate. Scott No C160.
N43973 ND image GUINEA (1964) J.F. Kennedy*. Set of 4 imperforates. Scott Nos 325-7,C56. Yvert Nos 187-9,PA60.
N49406 EL image LIBERIA (1964) J.F. Kennedy*. Set of 2 imperforate gummed proofs. Scott Nos 414,C160. Yvert Nos 392,PA146.
N73361 MAX image MONACO (1964) JFK*. Maximum card with First Day cancel. Scott No 596, Yvert No 658.
N73443 MAX image U.S.A. (1964) JFK*. Maximum card with First Day cancel. Scott No 1246, Yvert No 762.
N75142 ND image IVORY COAST (1964) JFK*. Imperforate. Scott No C29.
N68675 ND image GHANA (1965) JFK*. Set of 4 imperforates. Kennedy memorial. Scott Nos 236-9, Yvert Nos 225-8..
N71854 ND image LIBERIA (1966) J F Kennedy memorial. Set of 4 imperforates. Scott Nos 447-8,C17304. Yvert Nos 425-6,PA151-2.
N49412 ND image AJMAN (1967) J.F. Kennedy*. Gold foil S/S. Michel Block 20.
N45278 ND image CONGO (1968) R.F. Kennedy*. Imperforate pair. Scott No C71, Yvert No PA73.
N43972 ND image CHAD (1969) R.F. Kennedy*. Imperforate corner copy. Scott No C55, Yvert No PA59.
N77074 ND image MALI (1983) J.F. Kennedy*. Eagle*. Imperforate pair. Scott No 468, Yvert No 468.

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Lot No Type Description Price
N70608 ND TOGO (1971) DeGaulle with Churchill, Eisenhower, JFK, Adenauer, Pope Paul VI. Set of 6 imperforate blocks of 4. Scott Nos 767-70,C144-5. Yvert Nos 699-702,PA146-7. image (Image b) (Image c)
N74873 ND image TOGO (1964) Lincoln*.Centenary of Emancipation Proclamation*. Set of 4 imperforates overprinted for JFK Memorial. Scott Nos 473-5,C41.
N77225 ND image TOGO (1973) Apollo 17. Kennedy. Imperforate S/S of 2. Scott No C296a.
N70597 ND TOGO (1969) Human rights flame. Martin Luther King. Rene Cassin. Pope John XXIII. R. Kennedy. Set of 6 imperforate pairs (also available as blocks of 4). Scott Nos 665-8,C102-3. Yvert Nos 597-600,PA105-6. image (Image b) (Image c)

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