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684 Jewelry/Bijoux
Lot No Type Description Price
N68816 ENT image U.S.A. (1921) Elk rings. One cent postal card (O) with illustrated ad on reverse for men's elk rings.
N60494 ND image COMORO ISLANDS (1963) Pendant*. Imperforate. Scott No C9, Yvert No PA9.
N71206 ND image POLYNESIE (1970) Bijou en nacre*. Main*. Femme*. Non dentelé. Huître perlière. Scott No C61, Yvert No PA38.
N66537 ND image HUNGARY (1978) Return of Crown Jewels*. Imperforate S/S. Scott No 2548.
N66547 ND image HUNGARY (1981) Bridal chest of Bacs county*. Imperforate S/S. Scott No 2702.
N75178 ND image IVORY COAST (1989) Jewelry*. Set of 2 imperforates. Scott Nos 869-70.

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Lot No Type Description Price
N60745 EL image DAHOMEY (1965) Jewelry*. Architecture*. Musician*. Crucifixion*. Set of 4 deluxe sheets. Negro Arts Festival. Scott Nos 215-8, Yvert Nos 235-8.
N71205 ND image FRENCH POLYNESIA (1970) Hands* working on shell*. Imperforate. Removal of mother-of-pearl from a shell. Scott No C59, Yvert No AP36.

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