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684 Jewelry/Bijoux
Lot No Type Description Price
N60494 ND image COMORO ISLANDS (1963) Pendant*. Imperforate. Scott No C9, Yvert No PA9.
N71206 ND image POLYNESIE (1970) Bijou en nacre*. Main*. Femme*. Non dentelé. Huître perlière. Scott No C61, Yvert No PA38.
N42205 EL image COMOROS (1975) Bracelet*. Deluxe sheet. Scott No 123, Yvert No 97.
N66537 ND image HUNGARY (1978) Return of Crown Jewels*. Imperforate S/S. Scott No 2548.
N66547 ND image HUNGARY (1981) Bridal chest of Bacs county*. Imperforate S/S. Scott No 2702.
N75178 ND image IVORY COAST (1989) Jewelry*. Set of 2 imperforates. Scott Nos 869-70.

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Lot No Type Description Price
N60745 EL image DAHOMEY (1965) Jewelry*. Architecture*. Musician*. Crucifixion*. Set of 4 deluxe sheets. Negro Arts Festival. Scott Nos 215-8, Yvert Nos 235-8.
N71205 ND image FRENCH POLYNESIA (1970) Hands* working on shell*. Imperforate. Removal of mother-of-pearl from a shell. Scott No C59, Yvert No PA36.

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