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550 Aviation/Aviation
Lot No Type Description Price
52581 SPE image TAIWAN (2001) Kites (dragon, phoenix, tiger, fish)*. Strip of 4. Scott No 3368.
51964 SPE image GERMANY (2002) Skywriting "post"*. Overprinted MUSTER (specimen). Scott No 2155.

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Lot No Type Description Price
71246 ND image FRENCH WEST AFRICA (1947) Antoine de St. Exupery*. Map*. Natives*. Imperforate. Scott No C11, Yvert No PA11.
57304 ND CENTRAL AFRICA (1982) Dirigible*. Locomotive*. Bugatti*. Vickers plane*, Cargo ship*. Space shuttle*. Set of 6 imperforate pairs. Scott Nos 510-3,C226-7. Yvert Nos 511-4. image (Image b)
43740 ND image MADAGASCAR (1976) Revolutionary War*. Set of 5 imperforates. Scott Nos 525-6,C137-9. Yvert Nos 560-1,PA149-51.
60764 MAX image LIECHTENSTEIN (1979) Mail plane*. Zeppelin*. Set of 2 maximum cards. Europa issue. Scott Nos 663-4, Yvert Nos 664-5.
58512 ND image MALI (1969) Montgolfier balloon*. Ferber 5 experimental biplane*. Concorde prototype*. Imperforate margin block of 6. Scott Nos C68-70, Yvert Nos PA70A.
49010 SPE image NORTH KOREA (1980) Wrights*. Bleriot*. Campini*. Zeppelin*. Set of 4 overprinted SPECIMEN. KSC Nos 1971-4.
31517 EL image FRENCH POLYNESIA (1973) Flying fish*. Deluxe sheet, Air France World Tour issue. Scott No C96, Yvert No PA73. Beautiful!
75038 ND GABON (1971) Flowers*. Plane*. Set of 6 imperforates. Scott Nos C109-11, Yvert No PA112-14.
76095 OBL JAPAN (1933) Lighthouse*. Biplane*. Postal card with illustrated cancel.
58061 EL image TOGO (1959) Map of Africa*. Plane*. Flag*. Deluxe sheet. First air issue of the new republic of Togo. Scott No C26, Yvert No PA29.
43429 MAX image AUSTRALIA (2001) Royal Flying Doctor Service - Outback services*. Maximum card with thematic First Day cancel. Scott No 1966.
48567 ESS image CAMEROUN (1966) Air force*. Trial color proofs in strip of 5 with multicolor. Scott No C76, Yvert No PA87.
58693 EL image CAMEROUN (1966) Air force*. Deluxe sheet. Scott No C76, Yvert No PA87.
49088 SPE image NORTH KOREA (1989) Archery*. Rifle*. Pistol*. Parachuting*. Model plane*. Set of 5 overprinted SPECIMEN. KSC Nos 2861-5. Scott Nos 2802-6.
57232 ND image MALI (1976) Freighter*. Plane*. Imperforate. EuropAfrica. Scott No C289, Yvert No PA285.
55724 OBL image GERMANY (1955) Planes circling radiolocation station*. Cancel on piece. Flug-Wetter-U. Astro-Funkortungstagung.
52494 ND image HUNGARY (1966) Transport museum*. Set of 2 imperforates. Scott Nos 1752-3, Yvert Nos 1824-5.
67801 SPE image NORTH KOREA (1987) Transport. Set of 8 specimens. Scott Nos 2655-62, KSC Nos 2711-8.
58109 LOC image ECUADOR (1947) Washington*. Eagle*. Flag*. Set of 3 overprinted with plane and "Primero a Patria!". Revolutionary issued later renounced by decree.

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