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554 Aviation Helicopters/Aviation Hélicoptères
Lot No Type Description Price
73271 MAX image SWITZERLAND (1972) Alpine rescue helicopter*. Maximum card with First Day cancel. Scott No 553, Yvert No 907.
73540 MAX RUSSIA (1980) Helicopters*. Set of 6 maximum cards with thematic cancel. Scott Nos 4828-33, Yvert Nos 4695-4700. image (Image b)
57807 FDC image F.S.A.T. (1981) Alouette II helicopter*. Unaddressed FDC with cachet. Scott Nos 95-6, Yvert Nos 92-3.
73780 MAX image EAST GERMANY (1985) Helicopter lifting electric cables*. Maximum card with thematic cancel. Scott No 2498, Yvert No 2593.
63054 ND image VIETNAM (1988) Helicopter*. Oil platform*. Imperforate S/S. Scott No 1956, Yvert No BF41.
63025 ND image VIETNAM (1989) Helicopters*. Set of 7 imperforates. Scott Nos 1949-55, Yvert Nos 869-75.

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Lot No Type Description Price
67234 FDC image FRANCE (1970) Helicopter*. Mountaineer*. Motos*. Patrol boat*. Philatelic First Day document with special engraving thematically related to the stamp and printed description and explanation of the stamp on the reverse. National Gendarmery. Scott No 1264, Yvert No 1622.

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