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510 Animals Cows / Animaux Bovins Patriotic Covers
Lot No Type Description Price
9091 PAT image U.S.A. (1861) Caricature of Bull*. Bale of cotton*. U.S. Civil War Patriotic cover with illustration of John Bull at entrance to a pawnshop and Southern gentleman with bale of cotton. Inscribed at bottom with the following conversation: Yancey - Mr. Bull, how much can you advance on Confederate Loan? J.Bull - I think I would rather advance on your Cotton."" William Yancey was a political leader of the southern cause, who realized that the entire cotton economy of the south depended on slave labor. John Bull, of course, represented Great Britain. Yancey made a trip to Britain a month before the Civil War but, while able to persuade them to remain neutral in the war, was unsuccessful in securing full recognition of the Confederate government. (Used Civil War patriotic covers are considered to be historic documents and are usually accepted in international thematic exhibits). Some minor soiling. Gorgeous and detailed illustration! (Photo inside front cover)""

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