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724 Medicine Tuberculosis/Médecine Tuberculose
Lot No Type Description Price
N66321 L image U.S.A. (1903) Infant juggling pills*. Letter with illustrated ad for Kugloids. These were pills used to treat tuberculosis in the early 20th century. Some tearing on upper edge not affecting design.
N71472 ND image MONACO (1946) Nurse* holding up baby*. Imperforate pair. Scott No B91. Yvert No 293.
N82483 ND image SOMALI COAST (1966) Infant*. Sun*. Skulls*. Imperforate. Fight against tuberculosis. Scott No B16, Yvert No 324.
N63091 ND image WALLIS & FUTUNA (1981) Lung*. Doctor giving inoculation*. Imperforate pair, 60th anniversary of anti-tuberculin inoculation developed by Calmette & Guerin. Scott No 270, Yvert No 273.

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