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710 Math/Mathématiques
Lot No Type Description Price
N73179 MAX image BELGIUM (1951) Colonial math class*. Maximum card with First Day cancel. Scott No B493, Yvert No 843.
N34178 ESS image FRANCE (1954) Globe*. Compass*. Allegory*. Trial color proof. 10th Congress on Weights & Measures - Metric System. Scott No 732, Yvert No 998.
N58000 EL image NIGER (1965) Woman studying arithmetic*. Deluxe sheet. Issue to promote better life through knowledge. Scott No 153, Yvert No 159.
N66485 ND image HUNGARY (1975) Farkas Bolyai*. Imperforate. Scott No 2347.
N37485 EP image AUSTRIA (1982) Laxenburg Castle*. Black print. Scott No 1224, Yvert No 1549. 10th anniversary International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.
N72978 MAX image IRELAND (1983) Hamilton's quaternion equations. Maximum card with thematic cancel. Scott Nos 561-2, Yvert Nos 504-5.
N88277 FDC image CZECHOSLOVAKIA (1987) Mathematicians & physicists*. Registered FDC with cachet and thematic cancel. Scott Nos 2663-5.
N88313 FDC image GREECE (1994) Thales of Miletus*. Konstantinos Karatheodoris*. Unaddressed FDC with cachet Scott No 1498.

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Lot No Type Description Price
N85161 MAX image SWITZERLAND (1961) Book of Eternity*. Hourglass*. Infinity symbol*. Maximum card with thematic cancel. Scott No B303.
N52644 SPE image TAIWAN (2004) Sayings with Numbers*. Set of 2 blocks of 10. Scott Nos 3573-4.
N87570 ESS image CONGO (1975) Ampere*. Electrical apparatus*. Trial color proof. Scott No 358, Yvert No 406.
N73232 MAX image FRANCE (1981) Hand drawing geometric designs*. Faces*. Set of 2 maximum cards with thematic cancel. Scott Nos 1741-2, Yvert Nos 2141-2.

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