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572 Birds Owls/Oiseaux Hiboux
Lot No Type Description Price
68835 OBL image AUSTRIA (1892) Owl*. Postal card (O) of Schlaraffia Society with their traditional handstamp. The Schlaraffians were a men's group with similarities to the Masons, devoted to friendship, art and humor.
72671 EMA image U.S.A. (1960) Owl. Red meter cancel on fragment, P.B. No. 317208, "Be Wise - Choose GMAC Thrift Guard Plan."
63064 ND image VIETNAM (1995) Barn owl*. Imperforate S/S. Scott No 2606.

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Lot No Type Description Price
68392 SPE image NORTH KOREA (2001) Protected animals. Set of 5 (4 stamps + S/S) specimens. Scott Nos 4165-9, KSC Nos 4138-42.
68425 SPE image NORTH KOREA (2003) Birds. Set of 6 (5 stamps + S/S) specimens. Scott Nos 4317-22, KSC Nos 4294-9.

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