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614 De Gaulle Free France/De Gaulle France Libre
Lot No Type Description Price
N58493 ND image MAURITANIA (1971) De Gaulle*. Imperforate minisheet of 2 in thick ungummed paper. Scott No 290a, Yvert Nos 293-4.
N70608 ND TOGO (1971) DeGaulle with Churchill, Eisenhower, JFK, Adenauer, Pope Paul VI. Set of 6 imperforate blocks of 4. Scott Nos 767-70,C144-5. Yvert Nos 699-702,PA146-7. image (Image b) (Image c)
N67227 FDC image FRANCE (1971) Anniversaire de la Mort du Général. Yvert No 1695-8. Scott No 1325a. Philatelic First Day document with special engraving thematically related to the stamp and printed description and explanation of the stamp on the reverse
N71566 ND image NIGER (1971) De Gaulle*. Imperforate pair. Scott No C163, Yvert No PA163. No gum.
N77062 ND image GABON (1974) de Gaulle*. Imperforate corner block of 4. Scott No C145, Yvert No PA145.
N63082 ** image OMAN (1976) De Gaulle*. Gold foil S/S.
N63080 ** image OMAN (1976) De Gaulle*. Perforate and imperforate gold foil stamps.
N58376 ND image CHAD (1977) De Gaulle*. Imperforate minisheet. Scott No 333, Yvert No 327.
N43887 ND image UPPER VOLTA (1977) De Gaulle*. Imperforate. Scott No 434, Yvert No 413.
N43888 ND image UPPER VOLTA (1977) De Gaulle*. Imperforate minisheet. Scott No 434, Yvert No 413.
N77178 ND image MALI (1977) de Gaulle. Imperforate. Scott No C297, Yvert No PA294.
N39617 MAX image FRANCE (1987) Cliffs of Etretat*. Maximum card with Special Etretat Cancel. DeGaulle's home. Scott No 2033, Yvert No 2463.
N63419 ND image GUINEA (1990) DeGaulle*. French Resistance*. Imperforate. Scott No 1143.
N58229 FDC image F.S.A.T. (1990) De Gaulle*. FDC with cachet. Scott No C117, Yvert No PA118.
N63421 ND image GUINEA (1991) De Gaulle*. Gold-embossed imperforate. Scott No 1166.

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