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613 Death/La Mort
Lot No Type Description Price
N73556 MAX image BULGARIA (1949) Pleven mausoleum*. Maximum card with thematic cancel. Scott No C58, Yvert No PA57.
N87365 CAR image RHODESIA & NYASALAND (1959) Unexploded booklet of 4. Scott No 162. Rhodes grave.
N66445 ND image HUNGARY (1971) Funeral of Prince Emeric*. Imperforate S/S. Scott No 2112.
N54953 SPE image JAPAN (1976) Warrior clay burial figure*. MIHON (specimen) overprint. Scott No 1250.
N58427 ND image CONGO (1981) Mausoleum of King Maloango*. Set of 2 imperforates. Scott Nos 602-3, Yvert Nos 635-6.

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Lot No Type Description Price
N82483 ND image SOMALI COAST (1966) Infant*. Sun*. Skulls*. Imperforate. Fight against tuberculosis. Scott No B16, Yvert No 324.
N76957 ENT image TRANSKEI (1985) Execution (Mlengana) rock*. Postal card (N) with matching illustration of famous rock formation.

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