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820 Sports Baseball Other proofs
Lot No Type Description Price
2399 EP GRENADA (1988) Major League Baseball Stars*. Complete set of 9 imperforate proof sheets each consisting of 9 vignettes of All-Star baseball players in " playing card" format. Scott Nos 1664-72. Very rare set of House of Questa proofs in folder. I have seen this set on sale for $2100 so our price is a bargain at 1/2 that. image (Image b) (Image c) (Image d) (Image e)
2400 EP image ST. VINCENT (1989) 1988 World Series*. Imperforate proof in House of Questa folder. Scott No 1183. Note that the denomination and country name were switched on the issued S/S and the country name was printed in white. Presumably only 2 such proofs exist. Very rare!
5504 EP image AFGHANISTAN (1964) Children playing ball*. Proof sheet for issued stamps, with comments in French and Pashto probably indicating a change in the Pashto inscription on the stamp (which differs slightly from the issued stamp). Scott Nos 669,669E,F. Yvert Nos 746E,F,I.
11301 EP image LIBERIA (1954) Player at bat*. Catcher*. Umpire*. Scott No C88. Yvert No PA86. A UNIQUE PROOF from the Archives of the Liberia agency on gummed paper 66mm x 101mm with notes in margin above the stamp "Blue to be superior: super gloss True Blue MB 3348. Underneath the stamp ""[O]K with color change"" signed and dated 12/2/54. This Proof has two hozitontal creases and two staple marks at the top, obviously irrelevant as it a unique item. The blue used for the issued stamp was indeed different! Exceptional exhibit item!"""

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