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808 Scouts / Scoutisme Artwork
Lot No Type Description Price
17117 MAQ MADAGASCAR (1988) Scout with birds & butterflies*. Set of 4 pencil on tracing paper drawings of the scout vignettes of each stamp, showing scouts engaged in various activities. Largest drawing (showing two designs) is 11 x 29 cm and the other two are approximately 13 x 16 cm and all are signed by the artist. Scott Nos 862//867, Yvert Nos 863//868. An exceptional collection! image (Image b) (Image c)
17118 MAQ image GUINEA (1993) Scout holding bird in hand*. Pencil on tracing paper preliminary drawing of the scout vignette of the stamp, measuring approximately 12 x 14 cm and signed by the artist. Scott No 1243, Yvert No 981. The design was slightly changed in the issued stamp.

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