LEGEND Bid Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (Franšais)


873 Trees Palms / Arbres Palmiers Other proofs
Lot No Type Description Price
5650 EP image NIUAFO'OU (Tin Can Island) (1991) Coconut palm*. Eel*. Young girl*. Boy*. Imperforate plate proof of minisheet Legend of the Origin of the Coconut Tree. Tells the story of the love between the eel and the maiden Heina that led to the first coconut tree. These proofs were produced from the printer's archives. Scott No 146, Yvert No BF12. Fascinating!
17818 EP image GAMBIA (1953) Palm wine tapping*. Die proof in violet on thin bluish paper of 6d aerogramme stamp. Similar to Scott No 159, Yvert No 152. First time I've ever seen a die proof for an aerogramme stamp!

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