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820 Sports Baseball Other proofs
Lot No Type Description Price
2412 EP GRENADA (1988) Major League Baseball Stars*. Complete set of 9 imperforate proof sheets each consisting of 9 vignettes of All-Star baseball players in " playing card" format. Scott Nos 1664-72. Very rare set of House of Questa proofs in folder. I have seen this set on sale for $2100 so our price is a bargain at 1/2 that. image (Image b) (Image c) (Image d) (Image e)
2413 EP ST. VINCENT (1989) 1988 World Series*. Imperforate proof in House of Questa folder. Scott No 1183. Note that the denomination and country name were switched on the issued S/S and the country name was printed in white. Presumably only 2 such proofs exist. Very rare! image
5339 EP image AFGHANISTAN (1964) Children playing ball*. Proof sheet for issued stamps, with comments in French and Pashto probably indicating a change in the Pashto inscription on the stamp (which differs slightly from the issued stamp). ScottNos 669,669E,F. Yvert Nos 746E,F,I.
8224 EP image NORTH KOREA (2009) Pitcher. Photo proof from printer's archive. Scott No 4834. KSC No 4620. Only 5-10 printed as test print prior to actual printing of the stamps. Each has official Korea Post stamp on reverse.
14440 EP image BANGLADESH (1997) Cricket trophy*. Proof card marked "Specimen for Approval" consisting of imperforate essay in folder. This essay signed and marked "Not approved", evidently as the stamp was issued with essentially the same design but in a larger format. Scott No 549.

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