LEGEND Bid Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (Français)


757 Plants Cacti / Plantes Cactées See Also Lots:/Voir Aussi Lots:
Lot No Type Description Price
10232 VAR image U.S.A. (1992) Wild flowers: Twinflower*, Sunflower*, Bunchberry*, Pasqueflower*, Plains prickly pear, Moss Campoin*. Scott No 2665-6, 2675-6, 2686-7. Yvert No 2067-8, 2077-8, 2087-8. Fantastic perforation error in a block of 6 wildflowers. First, two rows of perforations cut into 2 of the stamps, then, the vertical perforations are very odd too as the sheet seems to have gone though the perforation machine twice leaving ten 40mm high vertical holes rather than perforations. A magnificent showpiece!
17372 ESS image MONACO (1966) "Pointe de Spéluges*". Vue de la Condamine*. Yvert No 692. Scott No 633. Essais de couleur en bloc de 4 avec 2 multicolores. Jardin exotique.
76 SPE image NAMIBIA (2001) Ruppell's parrot*. Camel thorn*. Flap-necked chameleon*. Klipspringer*. Kudu*. Berg aloe*. Rockrunner*. Namibian rock agama*. Pangolin*. Armored ground cricket*. Sheetlet of 10 stamps overprinted SPECIMEN. Central Highlands Flora & Fauna. Scott No 987.

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