LEGEND Bid Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (Français)


728 Minerals / Minéraux Specimens
Lot No Type Description Price
4827 SPE image PANAMA (1955) Excavation*. FIPEX issue overprinted "Specimen" in red box commemorating the first excavations of Panama Canal and 150th anniversary of the birth of Ferdinand de Lesseps. These stamps were a special order for government display. Only 20 copies exist, four of which were kept by the Panama government. Every stamp was signed on the back by Sanabria and Kessler. Very rare!
4832 SPE image GERMANY (Berlin) (1988) Entrance* to Zollern II (coal mine). Scott No 9N552. Yvert No 753. "MUSTER" (Specimen) overprint. **.
10696 SPE image NIUAFO'OU (Tin Can Island) (1993b) Gems*. Diamond*. Volcano*. Progressive proof from Evolution of the Earth series overprinted SPECIMEN. These proofs were produced in strips of 5 with the central stamp printed in the progressive colors as they were added. Each is labelled with a color number, 1=yellow, 2=green, 3=magenta. There are four different strips, with the center stamp containing colors, respectively, 1, 1+2, 3, 1+2+3. This strip is color 3. Scott No 111A, Yvert No 179. Very hard to find as a complete strip!

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