LEGEND Bid Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (Franšais)


680 Insects Bees / Insectes Abeilles Artist proofs
Lot No Type Description Price
13348 EA image MONACO (1948) Aristeus*. Die proof in black signed by the engraver DUFRESNE. Aristeus was the son of Apollo and the nymph Kyrene. According to legend, he arrived on the Greek island of Kea to save the inhabitants from a drought, andtaught them bee-keeping, cattle-raising and other forms of agriculture. Scott No 212, Yvert No 316.
16500 EA BELGIUM (1996) Buff-tailed bumblebee (Bombus terrestris). Die proof in black signed by the engraver, representing the cachet for the official First Day cover for this issue. Scott No 1605. (Note - FDC is not included in this lot, as I have only the image). image (Image b)

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