LEGEND Bid Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (Français)


718 Medicine Dentistry / Médecine Dentistrie Entires/Postal Stationery
Lot No Type Description Price
10641 ENT FRANCE (1887) Dr. Nicod, Dentist (Former military physician). Paper preservative against mites and other insects. Anemia remedies. Sponge*. Pianos. Silk and needles. Rum. Hand. Algerian Wines. Cigarette paper. Coffee flavoring for hunting trips. Jeweler. Rare postal stationery (N) with multiple advertising. La Missive, Edition No 3. 15 centimes sage, sold for 5 centimes, the balance being financed by the advertising. Nice exhibit item! image (Image b) (Image c)
16698 ENT image U.S.A. (1888) Lion holding balance scale. Perfume. Mouthwash. Postal card (O) with illustrated ad for Theo. Ricksecker of London, maker of perfume, toilet goods and "dentaroma" - for the teeth and breath.

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