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700 Maps Globes / Cartes Géographique Globe Artwork
Lot No Type Description Price
4556 MAQ image LIBERIA (1973) Map of Africa*. OAU emblem*. Original artwork, unaccepted design for 17c stamp, watercolor on cardboard mounted on larger piece with glassine overlay for lettering. 10th anniversary of OAU. Scott Type A227, Yvert Nos 605//10. Measures 18 x 23 cm.
13607 MAQ ST. VINCENT (1965) Map of Islands*. Four pencil sketches on cartridge paper, each measuring approximately 17 x 21 cm (including borders). Ex Goaman archive. Scott No 236, Yvert No 217. image
13616 MAQ image NORTH KOREA (1991) Geographer Kim Jong Ho*. Map of Korea*. Original drawing in pen and ink on paper with acetate overlay of inscriptions and paste-on sketch of Kim Jong Ho. Measures 165 x 270 mm + 15mm border all around. Very similar to issued stamp, except that the portrait and inscription placements are different. KSC No 3088, Scott No 3005. Unique!

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