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644 Flowers Orchids / Flore Orchidée Entires/Postal Stationery
Lot No Type Description Price
10197 ENT U.S.A. (1913) RECENT DISCOVERY: the famous Allentown postal card found with a specimen overprint. Vanilla*. Corn Flakes*. Light*. Chewing gum*. Soap*. Bathing*. The famous multicolor 1 cent postal stationery (N) with multiple advertising of Allentown, Pennsylvania was recently found with the following overprint: The Ads on this Postal are Specimens set up to show investors the appearance of the ad postal."" This was obviously done to solicit financing from investors in this venture. Only 8 such cards are known! CERTAINLY A MAJOR RARITY AND A SUPERB EXHIBIT ITEM FOR THE ORCHID COLLECTOR!"" image (Image b)

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