LEGEND Bid Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (Français)


590 Christmas / No‰l Artist proofs
Lot No Type Description Price
3784 EA image FRANCE (1995) Manger scene. Die proof of engraving signed by GOFFIN. These engravings were made in conjunction with designs accepted by the post office and consist of themes related to the accepted design. There were only 11-15 made and they are printed on the same heavy paper as the artist proofs. One was made for the Postal Museum; the rest were given to the engraver and the designer of the stamp in question. The dimensions are 19 x 21 cm, but the die itself (and hence the image, including the signature) measures 14 x 14 cm. This design based on the set of Provençal nativity figures, Scott Nos B664-9, Yvert Nos 2576-81.
9924 EA image FRANCE (1996) Polar bear*, snowman*, ascending in Christmas ornament balloon*. Die proof in blue signed by the engraver. Scott No B676, Yvert No 3039.

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