LEGEND Bid Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (FranÁais)


558 Banking / Banque Argent See Also Lots:/Voir Aussi Lots:
Lot No Type Description Price
4382 EMA image ETATS UNIS (1965) Coeur* au centre d'un carrefour* sur une carte. Banque. Empreinte rouge de machine à affranchir sur fragment Pitney Bowes No 349424: "(La banque) First National au coeur du comté Mercer."
4438 ENT image U.S.A. (1904) Indian territory. Banking. Postal card (O) with credit form on back and notation "All sight paper allowed three days' grace in Indian Territory." City National Bank of Ardmore, Indiana. Fascinating aspect of topic!
4717 EMA image ETATS UNIS (1974) Soleil*. Empreinte rouge de machine à affranchir sur pli Pitney Bowes No 307516: "Epargnez ici pour un futur ensoleillé."
4910 EMA image U.S.A. (1953) Gas flame* putting coin* into piggy bank*. Violet meter cancellation on piece Pitney Bowes No 305807: "Save with Pyrofax gas service."
4988 L U.S.A. (1857) Tobacco. Cotton. Sugar. Molasses. Whale Oil. Beeswax. Gunpowder. Wine. Cotton. Wool. Foreign exchange rates. Coffee. Glass. Lumber. Agriculture. April 11, 1857 issue of "New Orleans Price-Current, Commercial Intelligence and Merchants Transcript, being a semi-weekly newsletter listing quantities and prices for an enormous number of exported and imported items too numerous to mention. Sent ""By Steamer"" to Greenock, Scotland via Boston & Liverpool, with appropriate markings including receiving datestamps and large numeral ""5"" and ""24"". Fabulous exhibit item!"" image (Image b) (Image c)
1 EMA image U.S.A. (1945) Role of agriculture in national defense. Farmer* with hoe* in field* marching military style parallel to soldier* on battlefield*. Superb violet meter cancellation on piece Pitney Bowes No 57192: "V [Victory] - We have a job to do. Outstanding and imaginative design!"""
8736 ENT ITALY (1923) Woman in flowing gown* standing over bottle of wine* floating in river*. Purgative water. Englebert tires. Blériot headlamps. Joly candles. Military and civilian clothing. Bank. Man driving touring car*. Gasoline. Straw hats. Chocolate. Military and civilian footwear. Restaurant. Postal lettercard (N) with BLP stamp affixed and multiple advertisements on inside and out. This one is missing the insert. image (Image b) (Image c)
16871 ENT image U.S.A. (1879) Reward for escaped bank robbers. Postal card (O) with notice offering $100 reward for capture of escapees from jail. Includes detailed description of convicts, including the humorous "...beard all over faces ... took razor with them and probably will shave the first opportunity."
16872 ENT image RUSSIA (1930) Policeman interviewing crime victim. Illustrated postal propaganda card (O). Use Bank Letter of Credit to Avoid Loss or Theft!

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