LEGEND Bid Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (Franšais)


517 Animals Reptiles / Animaux Reptiles Patriotic Covers
Lot No Type Description Price
9150 PAT image U.S.A. (1861) Flags*. Eagle*. Serpent*. Patriotic cover with color illustration of eagle carrying American flag and holding a serpent in its beak. The serpent is spitting venom on the Confederate flag. Inscribed below "Irrepressible Conflict! (Used Civil War patriotic covers are considered to be historic documents and are usually accepted in international thematic exhibits). US Scott No 65 tied by illegible circular date cancel. Some minor soiling and rough edges, but nevertheless a compelling design!""
9151 PAT image U.S.A. (1861) Lizard*. Civil War Patriotic Cover. (Civil War patriotic covers are generally accepted in international thematic exhibits and are considered historic documents.) Often patriotic covers attempt to ridicule the enemy as is the case here where the South, An original Secessionist"" is compared to a fork-tongued (dishonest) lizard. Franked with a 3 cent Washington rose, Scott No 65, Yvert No 19 tied by fancy geometric 8 segment rosette accompanied by date cancel of January 5th from Portland, Maine. Rare!""

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