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Lot No Type Description Price
1834 ENT GERMANY (1880) Washing machine*. Wallpaper. Metal fabricator. "Black Pearl" Liqueur. Dumb waiter (elevator)*. Patent bureau. Mycothanaton antifungal treatment for houses. Pulsometer (steam pump)*. Westphalian ham. Havana cigars. Envelopes. Wines. Beer. Berlin hotel. Gold. Silver. Bronze. Child's writing desk*. Turkish cigarettes & tobacco. Stamps & Albums. Antique furniture. Monogram stamps. Printer. Pocket watch*. Rubber articles. Electric wiring* for household telegraph. Sewing machine. Jalousies*. 10 pfennig letter-sheet with multiple advertisements. Dozens of ads. Wonderful condition for this type of material! image (Image b) (Image c) (Image d)
2910 ENT ITALY (1923) Woman in flowing gown* standing over bottle of wine* floating in river*. Purgative water. Englebert tires. Blériot headlamps. Joly candles. Military and civilian clothing. Bank. Man driving touring car*. Gasoline. Marmalade with exquisite taste and aroma. Gloves*. Leather goods. Travel and hunting goods. Young girl standing amidst flowers*. Perfume. Hairdresser. Men's fashions. Insurance. Liquor. Lighted candle*. Woodwork. Smoked meats. Bindery. Hand stamper*. Hotel. Straw hats. Chocolate. Military and civilian footwear. Restaurant. Postal lettercard (N) with BLP stamp affixed and multiple advertisements on inside and out. image (Image b) (Image c) (Image d) (Image e) (Image f)
18841 EL image REUNION (1968a) "Spring", "Autumn" by Magnard*. Set of 2 deluxe sheets. Scott Nos B28-9, Yvert No 381-2.
6 MAQ image NORTH KOREA (1972) Tractors plowing fields*. Preliminary artwork from the archives of the North Korea printers. Watercolor on posterboard, measuring 17.5 x 10.5 cm. Inscribed on back with official stamp and notes in Korean. Scott No 1066, KSC No 1085.
684 ND image ECUADOR (1970) Morpho cyprus*. Imperforate margin pair. Scott No 803, Yvert No 829.
11615 L ETATS UNIS (1870) Machine à coudre*. Chaussures. Cuir. Pharmacie. Mortier. Vins. Whisky. Partitions. Cigares. Vêtements. 10 annonces au dos de cette lettre de négociants de Montgomery, Alabama dont une grand format illustrée pour un marchand de machines à coudre! Les illustrations sur ces précurseurs des entiers à publicités multiples sont très rares! Cette illustration est la plus grande que nous ayons jamais rencontrée. Pli affranchi par un 3 cents vert Washington, Scott No 136, Yvert No 41. Pli très propre. Nous avons vu des plis similaires vendus en France à plus de 4000F, notre estimation est donc raisonnable à image (Image b)

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