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Lot No Type Description Price
15897 EA BELGIUM (1999) Reindeer with glass of champagne. Die proof in black signed by the engraver, representing the cachet for the official First Day cover for Christmas issue. Scott No 1776. (Note - FDC is not included in this lot, as I have only the image). image (Image b)
6881 ENT ITALY (1923) Gloves. Electric lighting & heating. Silver and nickel plating. Restaurant. Weddings. Bank. Chocolate. Liquors. Auto sales and repair. Woolen items. Typewriter*. Postal lettercard (N) with BLP stamp affixed and multiple advertisements on inside and out. This one is missing the insert. image (Image b) (Image c)
7240 CAR ALGERIA (1938) Lottery. Telegram*. BYRRH. Cleaning & run-resistant clothing. College. Booklet of 20 stamps, 65 centime blue, Scott No 53, Yvert No 137 with advertisements on cover and margin of stamps for National Lottery to benefit the blind, amputees, and other invalids, Telegram form, BYRRH products, Ftaissinet-Neant Cleaners, Torpedo run-resistant, Parisian school offering courses in Colonial and Metropolitan Agriculture, Music, Art, Cinema. Excellent condition! Hard to find!]" image (Image b) (Image c) (Image d) (Image e)
16765 ESS image MONACO (1969) Devil*. Men drinking*. Trial color proofs in full sheet of 30 with printers color codes in pencil in margin. Scene (Auerbach's Cellar) from Berlioz' opera "Damnation of Faust". Scott No 714, Yvert No 781. Incredible!
11615 L ETATS UNIS (1870) Machine à coudre*. Chaussures. Cuir. Pharmacie. Mortier. Vins. Whisky. Partitions. Cigares. Vêtements. 10 annonces au dos de cette lettre de négociants de Montgomery, Alabama dont une grand format illustrée pour un marchand de machines à coudre! Les illustrations sur ces précurseurs des entiers à publicités multiples sont très rares! Cette illustration est la plus grande que nous ayons jamais rencontrée. Pli affranchi par un 3 cents vert Washington, Scott No 136, Yvert No 41. Pli très propre. Nous avons vu des plis similaires vendus en France à plus de 4000F, notre estimation est donc raisonnable à image (Image b)

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