LEGEND Bid Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (Franšais)


500 Agriculture Telegrams
Lot No Type Description Price
6016 TEL image GREAT BRITAIN (1952a) Harvest scenes: Angels* and doves* carrying basket of fruit* (apples*, pears*, oranges*, etc.). Horse* pulling hay*. Farmers dancing* and on hay ride*. Sickles*. Rake*. Pitchforks*. Bundles of wheat*. Rooster*. Flute*. Multicolor telegram (O) with accompanying envelope. First Day of use. Superb!
12007 TEL image GREAT BRITAIN (1936) Farm equipment: rake*, sickle*, pitchfork*, shepherd's crook*. Wheat stalks*. Cornucopias* full of roses*, daisies, grapes*, peaches*, pears*. Tambourine*, pipes. Multicolor telegram (O), Type B light turquoise linesaround message panel, with superb illustration. Nice variety: the vine at the top right around the rake has been omitted. Very rare!

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