LEGEND Bid Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (Franšais)


Lot No Type Description Price
11330 MAQ image SAN MARINO (1960) Sprinter*. Scott No C112. Yvert No PA122. Rome Olympics. Unadopted artist's drawing, very close to the design adopted, with name of the country and Olympic rings 11.7 x 10.8 cmblue pen on tracing paper by Corrado MANCIOLI, the designer of many San Marino stamps. Exceptional!
5548 MAQ SAN MARINO (1963b) Women's discus throw*. Scott No 578. Yvert No 611. Publicity for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Group of three preliminary drawings in pencil: one on tracing paper with an overall size of 188mm x 248mm, the other on white card, more detailed showing the Olympic rings and inscriptions in margins. Exactly the same design as the issued stamp. The third is an unadopted design on tracing paper 180mm x 247mm with the country name. All three designs, therefore, fit nicely on exhibit pages. Drawn by Corrado MANCIOLI, the most popular stamp designer of San Marino stamps in the 1960's. Exceptional exhibit items! image (Image b) (Image c)
13291 MAQ image SAN MARINO (1963) Knight* on horseback* holding sword. Medieval Knightly Games series. Unadopted preliminary artist's drawing, 210mm x 295mm, therefore fitting on an A4 exhibit page, in pencil on tracing paper by Corrado MANCIOLI,the designer of many San Marino stamps. Small faults: tear and ink spots. Nice exhibit item! Sismondo photo certificate.

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