LEGEND Bid Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (FranÁais)


ITALY Entires/Postal Stationery
Lot No Type Description Price
9580 ENT image ITALIE (1921) Banque Italienne d'Escompte. Entier publicitaire (0) à 15 centesimi avec complément d'affranchissement à 10 centesimi.
3475 ENT image ITALIE (1922) Empreinte de Banca Italiana di Sconto. Carte postale (O) avec annonce pour une banque Italienne. Difficile à trouver!
2910 ENT ITALY (1923) Woman in flowing gown* standing over bottle of wine* floating in river*. Purgative water. Englebert tires. Blériot headlamps. Joly candles. Military and civilian clothing. Bank. Man driving touring car*. Gasoline. Marmalade with exquisite taste and aroma. Gloves*. Leather goods. Travel and hunting goods. Young girl standing amidst flowers*. Perfume. Hairdresser. Men's fashions. Insurance. Liquor. Lighted candle*. Woodwork. Smoked meats. Bindery. Hand stamper*. Hotel. Straw hats. Chocolate. Military and civilian footwear. Restaurant. Postal lettercard (N) with BLP stamp affixed and multiple advertisements on inside and out. image (Image b) (Image c) (Image d) (Image e) (Image f)

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