LEGEND Bid Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (Français)


FRANCE Artwork
Lot No Type Description Price
16058 MAQ image FRANCE (1972) Aristide Berges. Rivers streaming down mountains. Trees. Paul de Chomedey*. Montréal. Interesting mashup of 2 artworks for 2 different issues, pencil on tracing paper, measuring 24 x 31 cm and signed by the artist Pierre BEQUET. Berges was the father of hydroelectric power. Chomedey was the founder of Montreal. Scott Nos B454-5, Yvert Nos 1706-7.
16073 MAQ image FRANCE (1972) Crosshatching in various colors*. Original artwork for official First Day Cover cachet. Watercolor on artboard with glassine overlay of lettering, measuring 16.3 x 19.3 cm, signed by the artist CHESNOT. Probably for the Europa issue. Scott No 1341, Yvert No 1715. Legend at bottom reads Maquette Garantie Unique Par L'artiste Chesnot."" $325""
16254 MAQ FRANCE (1982) Bouquet of flowers. Preliminary artwork for cachet of official First Day Cover for Europa issues (Treaties of Verdun, Rome). Pencil on tracing paper, design measures 15 x 21 cm. Signed below by the artist Pierre BEQUET. Scott Nos 1827-8, Yvert Nos 2207-8. image (Image b)
17562 MAQ image FRANCE (1986) Briska mail coach*. Preliminary drawing on tracing paper signed by the artist DURRENS. The drawing of the coach is essentially the same as in the final design, but the layout of the stamp is somewhat different. Measures 28 x 18 cm. Scott No B581, Yvert No 2410.
17864 MAQ FRANCE (1986) Victor Basch. International Peace Year. Pair of original artworks, pencil on tracing paper. The first shows the frame and lettering and measures 21 x 29 cm. The second shows Basch (facing the opposite way from the issued stamp) and measures 16 x 21 cm. Both signed by the artist Pierre BEQUET. Scott No 2008, Yvert No 2415. image (Image b)

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