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886 Washington/Washington
Lot No Type Description Price
58109 LOC image ECUADOR (1947) Washington*. Eagle*. Flag*. Set of 3 overprinted with plane and "Primero a Patria!". Revolutionary issued later renounced by decree.
73355 MAX image MONACO (1956) George Washington*. Maximum card with First Day cancel. Scott No 354, Yvert No 444.
73461 MAX image U.S.A. (1977) Washington at Princeton*. Maximum card with First Day cancel. Scott No 1704, Yvert No 1150.
44554 ND image LIBERIA (1981) Washington crossing Delaware river*. Imperforate S/S. Scott No 911, Yvert No BF96.
68738 EP image U.S.A. (1981) George Washington. USPS publicity photo essay. Scott No 1952, Yvert No 1381.
44555 ND image CENTRAL AFRICA (1982) Washington*. Imperforate S/S. Scott No 583a, Yvert No 571.
44553 ND image CONGO (1982) Washington on horseback*. Imperforate S/S. Scott No 637, Yvert No 668.

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Lot No Type Description Price
68815 ENT U.S.A. (1934) George Washington. Stamp advertising. One cent postal card (O) with illustration of Washington and legend "George Washington Became a Mason." Ad on reverse for new issues of Philippines. image (Image b)
58327 ** image PARAGUAY (1981) Space shuttle*. Washington*. Set of 2 numbered S/S. President Reagan's Inauguration. Scott Nos C491-2,

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