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865 Textiles/Textile
Lot No Type Description Price
52637 SPE TAIWAN (2002) Knots*. Set of 3 blocks of 10. Scott Nos 3458-60. image (Image b) (Image c)

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Lot No Type Description Price
68727 EP image U.S.A. (1977) Seamstress. Blacksmith. Wheelwright. Leather worker. USPS publicity photo essay. Scott Nos 1717-20, Yvert Nos 1165-8.
60767 MAX image LIECHTENSTEIN (1979) Christmas embroideries*. Set of 3 maximum cards. Scott Nos 675-7, Yvert Nos 675-8.
67223 FDC image FRANCE (1971) Hands* embroidering. Hands* making a tool*. Scale*. Philatelic First Day document with special engraving thematically related to the stamp and printed description and explanation of the stamp on the reverse. Yvert No 1691. Scott No 1320. Artisans' guild.
46859 EP image AUSTRIA (1985) St. Leopold embroidery*. Black proof. Scott No 1308, Yvert No 1637.

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