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844 Sports Tennis/Sports Tennis
Lot No Type Description Price
66358 ND image HUNGARY (1964) Tennis exhibition*. Imperforate. Scott No B238.
52477 ND image HUNGARY (1965) History of Tennis*. Set of 9 imperforates. Scott Nos B243-51, Yvert Nos 1734-42.
37442 EP image AUSTRIA (1982) Tennis player*. Austrian Tennis Federation emblem*. Black print. Scott No 1213, Yvert No 1536.
63406 ND image GUINEA (1987) Tennis player*. Imperforate S/S. Scott No 1028. Seoul Olympics.
67808 SPE image NORTH KOREA (1987) Roland Garros. Set of 4 (3 stamps + S/S) specimens. Scott Nos 2703-6, KSC Nos 2759-62.
22379 OBL image FRANCE (1993) Women's Tennis*. Circular illustrated commemorative cancel on illustrated cover: "Roland Garros. May 24, 1993. Paris."

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Lot No Type Description Price
71476 ESS image MONACO (1963) Roland Garros*. Airplane*. Trial color proof. Scott No C63. Yvert No PA81. First trans-Mediterranean Flight.
72871 ENT image AUSTRIA (1987) Bathers on wharf at Velden am Worthsersee. Postal card (O) with corner illustration touting many activities
67870 SPE image NORTH KOREA (1990) Dusseldorf 90 Exhibition. Set of 3 specimens. Scott Nos 2916-8, KSC Nos 2987-9.
72859 ENT image AUSTRIA (1987) Gloggnitz. Postal card (O) with corner illustration of picturesque mountain village touting its solarium, diving tower and mountain access.
72855 ENT image AUSTRIA (1987) Portschach am Worthersee. Postal card (O) with corner illustration of "Austria's Riviera" touting first rate tennis courts

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