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826 Sports Golf/Sports Golf
Lot No Type Description Price
77361 ENT BELGIAN CONGO (1910) Golfers*. 15c postal card (N) with picture of white men in pith helmets playing golf. image (Image b)
76083 ENT image AUSTRIA (1957) Kitzbuhel resort*. 1'45 sh postal card (N) with corner illustration and ad for International winter-sports and summer holiday resort. Featuring 4 cable railways.
77508 OBL image FRANCE (1963) Golf. Illustrated cancel on envelope touting Etretat for its cliffs, 18 hole golf, casino, museum and animal park.
77362 ENT image GERMANY (1966) Miniature golf*. 20pf postal card (O) with corner illustration of Minigolf park in Herzen des Ruhrgebiets.

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Lot No Type Description Price
68270 SPE image NORTH KOREA (1997) Bowling. Fencing. Golf. Set of 3 specimens. Scott Nos 3678-80, KSC Nos 3814-6.
72871 ENT image AUSTRIA (1987) Bathers on wharf at Velden am Worthsersee. Postal card (O) with corner illustration touting many activities
76961 ENT image AUSTRIA (1990) Seefeld - Tirol*. Postal card (N) with color corner illustration (Auflage/12).

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