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826 Sports Golf/Sports Golf
Lot No Type Description Price
77361 ENT BELGIAN CONGO (1910) Golfers*. 15c postal card (N) with picture of white men in pith helmets playing golf.
76083 ENT image AUSTRIA (1957) Kitzbuhel resort*. 1'45 sh postal card (N) with corner illustration and ad for International winter-sports and summer holiday resort. Featuring 4 cable railways.
77508 OBL FRANCE (1963) Golf. Illustrated cancel on envelope touting Etretat for its cliffs, 18 hole golf, casino, museum and animal park.
77362 ENT GERMANY (1966) Miniature golf*. 20pf postal card (O) with corner illustration of Minigolf park in Herzen des Ruhrgebiets.

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Lot No Type Description Price
68270 SPE image NORTH KOREA (1997) Bowling. Fencing. Golf. Set of 3 specimens. Scott Nos 3678-80, KSC Nos 3814-6.
72871 ENT image AUSTRIA (1987) Bathers on wharf at Velden am Worthsersee. Postal card (O) with corner illustration touting many activities
76961 ENT AUSTRIA (1990) Seefeld - Tirol*. Postal card (N) with color corner illustration (Auflage/12).

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