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808 Scouts/Scoutisme
Lot No Type Description Price
58389 ND image CONGO (1985) Lady Olave Baden-Powell*. Bird*. Girl Guide*. Imperforate minisheet. Scott No 735, Yvert No 756.
61070 ENT image POLAND (1986) Scout*. Postal card with cancel and cache of 75th anniversary.
44121 ND image TUVALU (1988) Scouts*. Imperforate souvenir sheet. Scott No 464, Yvert No BF29.
76102 OBL image JAPAN (1991) Scouts around campfire*. Postal card with illustrated cancel and ad at bottom.
76097 OBL image JAPAN (1995) Scouting symbols*. Postal card with illustrated cancel.
76106 OBL image JAPAN (1997) 11th Tohoku Camporee*. Commomorative cover with special cancel and cachet.
76146 OBL image JAPAN (1997) Tents*. Illustrated cancel on postal card for 75th Tohoku Camporee.
76104 OBL image JAPAN (1998) 12th National Jamboree symbols*. Squirrel with fruit*. Postal card with illustrated cancel.

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Lot No Type Description Price
61069 ENT image POLAND (1979) Smiling child in scout uniform*. Postal card for Order of the Smile.
71941 ND image CONGO (1985) International Youth Year. Set of 5 imperforates. Scott Nos 735-9, Yvert Nos 756-60.
57917 ** GUINEA-BISSAU (1982) Scouts in various activities*. S/S, 75th anniversary of Scouting. Scott Nos 428-31,C41-3. image (Image b) (Image c) (Image d)

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