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720 Medicine Malaria/Médecine Paludisme
Lot No Type Description Price
58089 SS AFGHANISTAN (1962) Anti-malaria. Set of 2 perf and imperf minisheets. image (Image b) (Image c) (Image d)
20937 EMA U.S.A. (1962) Malaria emblem*. Red meter cancellation on WHO unaddressed cover Pitney Bowes No 545462: "The World united against Malaria, WHO 1962."
71312 ND image LAOS (1962) Boy*. Girl*. Mosquito*. Malaria eradication symbol*. Partial set of 2 imperforate margin pairs of Malaria Eradication issue. Scott Nos 74-5, Yvert Nos 79-80.
71324 ND image LIBERIA (1962) Anti-malaria. Set of 2 imperforates. Scott Nos 402,C139. Yvert Nos 380,PA133.
73293 MAX image SWITZERLAND (1962) Mosquito*. WHO emblem*. Maximum card with First Day cancel. Scott No 415, Yvert No 692.
74088 ND image GUINEA (1962) Mosquito*. Malaria Eradication Emblem*. Set of 3 imperforates, Scott Nos C29-31, Yvert Nos PA16-18.
66404 ND image HUNGARY (1970) Cloud formation*. Weather satellite*. Imperforate. Scott No 2019.

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