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659 Glass/Verre
Lot No Type Description Price
72670 EMA image U.S.A. (1948) Glass. Red meter cancel on fragment, P.B. No. 31573, "LOF (Liberty-Owens-Ford) the Mark of Quality in Glass."

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Lot No Type Description Price
57748 FDC image AFARS & ISSAS (1972) Pasteur*. Crystals*. Glassware*. Calmette*. Guerin*. Caduceus*. Bacterial culture*. First Day Cover with cachet of busts. Scott Nos C70-1, Yvert No PA77-8. Chemists and bacteriologists, benefactors of mankind.]
73090 MAX image U.S.A. (1972) Glass maker*. Silversmith*. Wig maker*. Hatter*. Set of 4 maximum cards with First Day cancel. Scott Nos 1456-9, Yvert Nos 955-8
25162 EMA image ETATS UNIS (1950) Verre. Conserves. Empreinte rouge de machine ├á affranchir sur fragment Pitney Bowes No 56215: "Soyez sűr d'utiliser les bocaux et les capsules (bouchons?) ├á conserves 'Kerr" pour toute votre mise en conserves."
52562 SPE image TAIWAN (2000) Winter*. Strip of 6. Scott No 3287.

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