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652 French Revolution/Révolution Française
Lot No Type Description Price
67220 FDC image FRANCE (1971) Storming of the Bastille*. Philatelic First Day document with special engraving thematically related to the stamp and printed description and explanation of the stamp on the reverse. Scott No 1307, Yvert No 1680.

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Lot No Type Description Price
60687 EL image CONGO (1968) "The Demolition of the Bastille"* painting by Robert. Deluxe sheet. Scott No C64, Yvert No PA72.
71190 ESS image FRANCE (1948) Affre*. Trial color proof. Scott No B231, Yvert No 802. Denis-Auguste Affre became archbishop of Paris and gave his life in the French Revolution of 1848.

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