LEGEND Order Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (Franšais)


Please order by lot number.

899 No Topic/Non Thematique
Lot No Type Description Price
N87331 CAR image GERMANY (1946) Unexploded booklet of 16. Scott Nos 539a,543-4. Michel #MH50. Numerals.
N80375 ND HUNGARY (1964) Famous people, places and events*. Set of 19 imperforates. Scott Nos 1578-95,B324.
N89685 FISC image ISRAEL (1973) 40 ag Revenue stamp*. Strip of 10 (folded) with value missing from top stamp. Bl-04 #REV55.
N89686 FISC image ISRAEL (1973) 2 ag Revenue stamp*. Strip of 3 dry printed on top 2 stamps. REV #34.

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