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598 Coins/Monnaies
Lot No Type Description Price
45330 ND image NIGER (1972) West African monetary union*. Imperforate pair. Scott No 258, Yvert No 262.
75160 ND image IVORY COAST (1972) West African monetary union*. Imperforate. Scott No 331.
49368 SPE image ST. VINCENT (Grenadines) (1976) US Bicentennial coins*. Set of 3 overprinted SPECIMEN. Scott Nos 81-3, Yvert Nos 82-4.
60919 MAX image LIECHTENSTEIN (1978) Coins & Medals*. Set of 3 maximum cards. Scott Nos 654-6, Yvert Nos 651-3.
66543 ND image HUNGARY (1979) Various ancient coins*. Set of 5 imperforates. Scott Nos 2602-6.

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Lot No Type Description Price
77420 CAR AUSTRIA (1909) Post bus. Ancient telephone. Caterpillar sledge. Stamps. Cycle messenger. Coins rolling into house. Interesting 20-page booklet that the mailman could distribute in small quantities to his customers at New Year. Contains ads, information, and bad jokes. image (Image b) (Image c)
77116 SPE image PARAGUAY (1969) Events of 1968. Set of 9 overprinted MUESTRA. Scott Nos 1126,1134.

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