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593 Circus/Cirque
Lot No Type Description Price
78164 OBL image MONACO (1996) Clowns. Circus tent. Illustrated cancel on envelope for International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo.
77655 EMA image FRANCE (1998) Clown juggling on unicycle*. Red meter cancel on envelope - DauphiCirque - Ecole de Cirque - Grenoble.
78173 EMA image FRANCE (2002) Winter circus. Red meter cancelation on envelope, No R 420987: Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione.
78162 CAR RUSSIA (2002) Clown. Circus acts. Promotional booklet for Europa issue. Scott No 6701. image (Image b)

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Lot No Type Description Price
61118 FDC image YUGOSLAVIA (1993) Boy with cat*. Circus Rider*. FDC. Europa paintings. Scott Nos 2225-6, Yvert Nos 2495-6.
42939 ND image DJIBOUTI (1978) Harlequin fish*. Imperforate pair. Scott No 484, Yvert No 490.

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