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804 Religion Luther/Religion Luther
Lot No Type Description Price
N84113 FDC image BELGIUM (1964) Scions of Protestantism*. Unaddressed FDC with cachet and thematic cancel. Scott Nos B754-6.
N84116 OBL image FRANCE (1972) Calvin*. Illustrated cancel on envelope. Noyon. Patrie de Calvin.
N84101 ENT image GERMANY (1983) Martin Luther*. 60 pf postal card (N) with illustration celebrating 500th anniversary of Luther's birth.
N59296 SPE image GERMANY (1987) Johann Bengel*. MUSTER (Specimen) overprint. Scott No 1509, Yvert No 1156.

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Lot No Type Description Price
N63382 SPE image GERMANY (1989) Nikolai church*. Specimen (overprinted MUSTER). Scott No 9N581, Yvert No 816. 450th anniversary of Reformation.
N84115 MAX image FRANCE (1973) Admiral Coligny*. Maximum card with FirstDay cancel. Scott No B463, Yvert No 1744. Huguenot leader.

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