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586 Chemistry/Chimie
Lot No Type Description Price
68291 SPE image NORTH KOREA (1998) Vinalon molecuole and creator. Set of 2 specimens (stamps + S/S). Scott Nos 3736-7, KSC Nos 3866-7.

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Lot No Type Description Price
77264 ENT AUSTRIA (1882) Industrial products. 2 kr postal card (O) from F.C. Schwab in Pettau, Steiermark.
77263 ENT FRANCE (1914) Industrial machinery. 25c postal stationery envelope with corner ad and advertising on back for Metal, machines, chemicals and furnishings for industrial use, including sawmills, time-pieces, mills, foundries, etc.
71908 ND image UPPER VOLTA (1977) Nobel winners Lagerlof, Marconi, Russell, Pauling, Koch*. Set of 5 imperforates. Scott Nos 440-4, Yvert Nos 428-33.
71682 ND image UPPER VOLTA (1977) Selma Lagerlof. Birds. Imperforate minisheet. Scott No 440, Yvert No 428.

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