LEGEND Order Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (Français)


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730 Minerals Gold/Minéraux or
Lot No Type Description Price
N37261 EP image AUSTRIA (1967) Medieval Gold Cross*. Black print. Scott No 792, Yvert No 1073. Salzburg Treasure Chamber Exhibit.
N66411 ND image HUNGARY (1970) Hungarian goldsmiths' art*. Set of 8 imperforates. Scott Nos 2045-52.

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Lot No Type Description Price
N87382 CAR image THAILAND (1980) Unexploded booklet of 10. Scott No 930. Golden Mount.
N60835 MAX image LIECHTENSTEIN (1985) Gold*. Frankincense*. Myrrh*. Set of 3 maximum cards. Scott Nos 820-2, Yvert Nos 825-7.

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