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549 Automobile: Traffic Safety/Securité routière
Lot No Type Description Price
18870 ENT U.S.A. (1940) Automobile accident*. Policeman*. Dog* offering owner his doghouse. One cent postal card (N) with advertising for brake inspections at "Carey's Garage." Great illustrtion!
10598 EMA image U.S.A. (1940) Boys' Good Drivers League. Red meter cancellation on piece Pitney Bowes No 58474: "Help Boys Enroll! Ford Good Drivers League."
29065 EMA image U.S.A. (1950) Traffic safety. Blue meter cancellation on envelope Pitney Bowes No 57057:Drive Courteously for Safety.
35091 SPE image JAPAN (1969) Mother & child* Pedestrian crosswalk*. Traffic safety issue overprinted MIHON (specimen). Scott No 989, Yvert No 941.
55705 FDC image GREECE (1986) European traffic safety campaign*. FDC with special cancel and cachet showing flags of participating countries. Scott Nos 1565-7, Yvert Nos 1598-1600.
67799 SPE image NORTH KOREA (1987) Traffic signs. Set of 4 specimens. Scott Nos 2638-41, KSC Nos 2691-4.

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