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630 Fire/Feu
Lot No Type Description Price
N72684 EMA image U.S.A. (1959) Automatic sprinkler. Red meter cancellation on piece Pitney Bowes No 318418, "Grinnell Automatic Sprinklers Safeguard Lives and Property from Loss by Fire!"

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Lot No Type Description Price
N70579 ND image TOGO (1971) Hippopotamus. Old time furnace. Imperforate block of 4. Scott No C158, Yvert No PA160. Tourism series.
N60776 MAX image LIECHTENSTEIN (1981) Fireworks*. Basket of flowers*. Set of 2 maximum cards. Scott Nos 708-9, Yvert Nos 705-6.
N80048 ND image MALI (1959) Map of Mali. Flag. Torch. Imperforate. Scott No 01, Yvert No 01.
N66008 ND image BENIN (1977a) Lister*. Scalpels*. Flames*. Inhaler*. Set of 2 imperforates (210Fr as pair). Joseph Lister birth sesquicentennial. Sterile surgical technique. Scott Nos 380-1, Yvert Nos 395-6.
N76102 OBL image JAPAN (1991) Scouts around campfire*. Postal card with illustrated cancel and ad at bottom.

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