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600 Columbus/Christophe Colomb
Lot No Type Description Price
N73373 MAX image SAN MARINO (1952) Columbus*. Maximum card with First Day cancel. Scott No 324, Yvert No 362.
N89963 ** AITUTAKI (1978) Bicentenary of Cook's arrival in Hawaii*. Set of 3 minisheets of 6. Scott Nos 160-2. image (Image b)
N58498 ND image MAURITANIA (1981) Columbus*. Ships*. Set of 2 imperforates. Scott Nos 491-2, Yvert Nos 485-6.
N88256 ND image CENTRAL AFRICA (1985) Columbus*. Registered FDCs with souvenir sheet. Scott No 792.
N88977 FDC image SAN MARINO (1991) Columbus' voyage to America*. Unaddressed FDC with cachet and thematic cancel. Scott Nos 1249-50.
N68565 SPE image TUVALU (1992) 500th anniversary Discovery of America*. Set of 4 overprinted SPECIMEN. Scott Nos 594-79, Yvert Nos 587-90.
N88260 FDC image CHILE (1992) Columbus*. Set of 2 unaddressed FDC with cachet and thematic cancel. Scott Nos 1023-4.
N68549 SPE image ST. VINCENT (1992) Discovery of America 500th anniversary*. Set of 6 overprinted SPECIMEN. Scott Nos 1632-7.

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Lot No Type Description Price
N73018 MAX image SPAIN (1982) Unification of Spain. Discovery of New World. Set of 2 maximum cards with First Day cancel. Scott Nos 2290-1, Yvert Nos 2285-6.
N60884 MAX image LIECHTENSTEIN (1992) Discovery of America*. NYC skyline*. Set of 2 maximum cards. Scott Nos 979-80, Yvert Nos 974-5.

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