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568 Birds Chicken/Oiseaux Poules
Lot No Type Description Price
N71742 OBL image GERMANY (1948) Poultry. Commemorative cancel on postal card for poultry exhibition.
N43828 SPE image JAPAN (1973) Cock*. Specimen. Scott No 1149, Yvert No 1091.
N71744 ENT image ROMANIA (1976) Funky chicken. Postal stationery envelope (N) with color illustration.

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Lot No Type Description Price
N74156 OBL image JAPAN (1935) Cow*. Pig*. Chicken*. Lamb*. Illustrated cancellation on postal card.
N49494 ND image CAMEROUN (1985) Toucan*. Counu*. Rooster*. Set of 3 imperforates. Scott Nos 798-800, Yvert Nos 777-9.

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