LEGEND Order Sheet (English) Ordre d'achat (Franšais)


Please order by lot number.

560 Bells/Cloches
Lot No Type Description Price
N74172 OBL image JAPAN (1935) Bell*. Map of Japan*. Illustrated cancellation on postal card.
N54984 SPE image JAPAN (1980) Hanging bell*. MIHON (specimen) overprint. Scott No 1424.

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Lot No Type Description Price
N35272 SPE image JAPAN (1987) Coiled snake bell*. New Year issue overprinted MIHON (specimen). Scott No 1812, Yvert No 1716. Attractive!
N73445 MAX image U.S.A. (1975) Angel ringing bell*. Maximum card with First Day cancel. Scott No 1580, Yvert No 1068.

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